Thursday, 7 January 2016

An ASOS love affair.

When it comes to fashion, my style doesn't always have one label. I've recently been loving a very minimal and casual style, with college leaving me little time to choose a killer outfit. Since starting college, my favorite thing to do is throw on a pair of jeans or leggings and a comfy top, then a few simple pieces of jewelry.
    However, after searching the web, I have found ASOS that have some great minimal and key pieces that will transform your wardrobe ; providing outfits to carry you through the seasons!

 Firstly, since it's currently winter, I love wearing a great statement jumper. I find it completely transforms an otherwise dreary outfit, seeming like you have spent hours putting it together when in fact, you've thrown it on after realizing you only have 5 minuets to catch your bus. When I looked through ASOS I found tonnes of great jumpers suitable for everyone's budget. I've picked out some that are defiantly worth the investment, as I believe they will go well with most things in my wardrobe.

Secondly, I have noticed, as of late, there have been a lot of people wearing jumpsuits. I think these are a great idea for 'on the run' style as they are literally so easy to just throw on. Also, since they're so versatile, you could go smart and wear it with a plain chiffon shirt, a fedora and some statement boots. Or, you could dress it down by putting on an old band-tee and a pair of Doc Martins. Here, I have chosen some of my favorite jumpsuits, from their minimalist range.

Bottoms! No, I'm not being rude...when putting an outfit together, I like to start with the bottom half (skirts, jeans, leggings etc). I find it easier to get a staple item and work around that. Lately, I have been loving mom and skinny jeans paired with a slouchy top or jumper. Alternatively, a buttoned front midi skirt, a crop top and a statement coat, to get a comfy, yet, put together look. I find this style is perfect to carry over the seasons, by swapping a few items to suit the climate.

Finally...Shoes! I have managed to get my love for shoes under control...for now. But who am I kidding, every girl needs a great pair of killer footwear (or ten). I like to tell myself that, by wearing a pair of kick-ass boots, it will revamp any outfit. This is true...but it's normally said right before I buy "just one more pair". ASOS, again, have some great buys that will last even through to A/W 2017.

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