Friday, 11 March 2016


It's always the case. You're at a gig, the room starts to fill up, it gets ridiculously hot, and you wish you hadn't put on those layers. Even though being in a mass of sweaty bodies is part of the experience (in my opinion), it's best to prevent yourself being too hot and bothered. 
I've been going to gigs for 4 years now, so I like to consider myself a pro at this point. I have an outfit that always proves best when going to gigs, because it's really comfy and (the crucial bit) keeps you cool!  

A jacket is handy for waiting in line outside and keeping money etc. but when I get into the venue I usually just wrap it round my waist so it's out of the way. Alternatively, most venues have storage to keep your things in until the gig ends.

Top- Primark
Denim Jacket- White Rabbit Exchange (ASOS Marketplace)
Ring on middle finger- Pandora
Other rings- Primark
Nail Varnish- Models Own (Blueberry Muffin)

P.s : I have a few concerts coming up soon, which I will be posting about on here. Follow me on my links to keep posted of when I upload new stuff!

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